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Terms of Service

Access to and use of this website is governed by the terms and conditions of use described below. You are required to read and accept them before using the services available on this site.

These terms of use are available in several languages.

If you do not wish to accept these General Conditions of Use, or if you do not understand the language used, please leave the platform.

The use of the site implies the irrevocable acceptance of these Terms of Use.

These Terms of Use replace all previous Terms of Use.

Are to consider


The PLATFORM provides an online virtual EXCLUSIVE entertainment service to USERS.

When the PLATFORM is used, due to its technological features, to transmit sexually explicit content, this particular use exclusively reflects an independent exchange between USERS and the personal preferences of the USERS and does not imply in any way the PLATFORM on the delivered content.

The PLATFORM has the right to deny a USER access to the site and its services or to terminate it at any time without prior notice.

The PLATFORM guarantees the discretion regarding the collection of data belonging to the USERS.

See the privacy policy document available on the PLATFORM.

Electronic signature

The PLATFORM does not allow access to its services if the present general conditions of use and the document on the declaration of confidentiality were not accepted and signed by the USER. This signature does not need to be a physical signature the electronic acceptance of this agreement being authorized by the law on the electronic signatures in the world and national trade (law on the electronic signature) and the similar federal and regional laws.

The USER manifests his contractual agreement by making any act demonstrating that he consents by clicking on a button, link or checkbox indicating the acceptance of these conditions. The USER therefore understands that its acceptance is identical to a legal act such as signing with your physical signature a legal contract.

If the USER uses a PLATFORM service, in any way, this use also means full and unconditional acceptance of all terms and conditions of this Agreement and the Privacy Statement.

Legal and contractual links

Fields of application of conditions

Absence of representation

The PLATFORM on the one hand and the USER on the other hand, are independent parts. Each of them acts in his own name and on his own behalf.


Credit purchases

The PLATFORM allows the VISITOR to access the paid services offered by the SUPPLIER via various payment methods. Whether via electronic payments by debit cards, credit cards, virtual accounts (eg paypal, paysafecard, etc.), bank transfers or via premium-rate telecom services (telephone or SMS).

In order to facilitate and standardize transactions, the VISITOR may purchase call credits on the PLATFORM via these means of payment. These credits are used to pay SUPPLIERS for BENEFITS.

The use of various secure electronic payment services allows the VISITOR to feed its electronic virtual wallet with prepaid virtual credit. The virtual wallet is not an account but a virtual asset. It can not be considered a deposit or a bank account. It does not earn interest on the balance on the virtual wallet. There is no charge to the VISITOR for its use. The credits placed on the electronic wallet are not refundable.

These purchased credits are stored on the VISITOR's private virtual wallet. It is his virtual asset recorded in the PLATFORM computer system. Its virtual wallet is credited upon receipt of funds paid by the VISITOR. It allows him to acquire BENEFITS from SUPPLIERS.

In accordance with the Consumer Code in its article L121-21-8, 1 °, the VISITOR can not exercise his right of withdrawal for services fully performed before the end of the withdrawal period and whose execution began after prior agreement express the consumer and expressly waive his right of withdrawal. The VISITOR therefore formally acknowledges and accepts that, in all cases where he expressly accepts the execution of the Service or uses the Service, and expressly waives his right of withdrawal before the expiry of the withdrawal period, he may not validly invoke this right.

The PLATFORM reserves the right to modify the technical services, the choice of third-party companies necessary for its operation as well as the prices of the credits communicated on its website, at any time. This includes the modification and / or updating of the provisions of these General Conditions of Use.

VISITORS must act in accordance with the regulations in force and the practices in force in their country of origin or domiciliation and respect the laws and regulations applicable to fair trade.

Credits older than one year are automatically deleted by the computer system with no possibility of reimbursement or other claim.

Payments and transaction data during purchases

The PLATFORM may make use of various means of payment provided by third parties for the execution of the payment transaction, such as telecom operators, credit card companies or electronic payment companies. The VISITOR must then submit to the terms and conditions of sale and use of these companies.

The PLATFORM does not have access to VISITOR financial data during transactions. Financial information is processed by the authorized PLATFORM sales agent, LLC, whose registered office is at 3110 Main Street, Suite 220, Santa Monica, CA, 90405 in the United States. The PLATFORM knows only the status of orders placed via its services without knowing the personal details (financial) of the VISITOR.

All payment data used on the PLATFORM are not stored on our servers for commercial purposes. They remain confidential. All personal data is stored for use on an infrastructure that does not have internet access and is automatically destroyed without human action.

The requested information is stored on an encrypted medium and is not accessible directly to the employees of the PLATFORM. The transaction reference serves as a decryption key and is known only to the VISITOR. In case of particular request or commercial dispute, the VISITOR will have to communicate the reference of transaction to our services in order to give us access to his data to be able to follow up.

Credits die worden gebruikt om de SERVICES te gebruiken, kunnen worden gekocht via de verschillende aangeboden betaalmethoden. De BEZOEKER erkent dat, in geval van aankoop van een dienst aan de LEVERANCIER via zijn virtuele portemonnee, het aantal credits dat aan de LEVERANCIER verschuldigd is, direct en automatisch van zijn virtuele activum zal worden afgetrokken om de LEVERANCIER te leveren. Deze methode voor het gebruik van de virtuele portemonnee garandeert de anonimiteit van de BEZOEKER en de LEVERANCIER.

Credits are an integral part of the VISITOR account, which is personal. They can not therefore be transferred to third parties or be used otherwise than for the BENEFITS offered by the SUPPLIER.

VISITORS are not permitted to use their personal account as a valuable element to provide, promise to provide or offer to provide any element of value, directly or indirectly, to any third party, whether official or unofficial, responsible for any organizations or associations, public or private, political parties or similar ...

The VISITOR agrees that he will not receive a paper statement from his virtual account.

The number of credits requested for the BENEFITS offered by the SUPPLIER is mentioned on his personal page.

Limits on liability

The PLATFORM has the right to modify or add services. It may also suspend or cancel all or part of its services, without notice and without compensation.

  1. Regarding the content
  2. Regarding the technical service
  3. Regarding the web service
  1. Regarding the content

    Before accessing the PLATFORM, the VISITOR undertakes to accept the terms of the general conditions of use and to consider the PLATFORM as not responsible for the content it contains. The VISITOR also undertakes not to pursue the PLATFORM in the context of complaints concerning the contents of the PLATFORM and transactions with the SUPPLIER.

    Except in case of intentional breach and / or contrary mandatory legal provisions, the PLATFORM declines all responsibility for any loss or damage (direct, indirect, material, immaterial, etc.) resulting from its content. The PLATFORM does not guarantee the accuracy, sufficiency or completeness of the information on its pages.

    The information available on the PLATFORM, in particular those relating to products and services offered for sale, are subject to change without notice. If a USER should notice, on the site, the presence of inaccurate or obsolete information or harmful or illicit content, it must indicate it by internal e-mail.

    In accordance with United States Code, Title 18, Articles 2257 and 2257A, all models, actors, actresses, animators, animators and other persons who appear in the visual representations displayed or otherwise contained in or on this website, that it is be sexually explicit (as defined in 18 USC § 2256), simulated sexual or otherwise, were at least eighteen (18) years of age at the time of creation of such visual representations .

    The owners and various operators of this website consider that its content is a non-obscene erotic expression protected by the First Amendment.

    The owners and operators of this website are not the primary producer (as defined in 18 USC Section 2257) of the visual content on this site.

    The VISITOR understands and agrees that the content displayed on the PLATFORM is entered on it by a third party and that the PLATFORM does not pre-visualize or control a priori such content.

    The content is created by the USERS themselves. The persons appearing in the content broadcast live on the PLATFORM websites create and produce their own live streams, independently and without the participation or the editorial or managerial control of the PLATFORM.

    USER ACKNOWLEDGES that the PLATFORM is not responsible or liable for content introduced by a third party.

    The PLATFORM will in no way be held responsible for the content of the content or the comments made by the USERS. These SERVICES are provided by independent persons who are not an integral part of the PLATFORM, the SUPPLIERS are responsible for the SERVICES they offer. The PLATFORM undertakes to remove within a reasonable time any illegal content appearing on its site. Any illegal act may be reported by a USER via an internal message.

  2. Regarding the technical service

    The PLATFORM is doing its utmost to keep its various technical services operational and to ensure maximum security. The PLATFORM does not guarantee that access to the PLATFORM, or PLATFORM services, the operation of the SUPPLIER servers or SERVICES, will be permanent, uninterrupted, fast, punctual, secure or infallible. Within the limits authorized by law, the PLATFORM excludes any guarantee, condition or any other term, legal or implicit provision, quality or speed or punctuality in relation to the use of the PLATFORM by the USERS.

    The PLATFORM does not guarantee that the technical services offered by the PLATFORM will always meet all the requirements of USERS or that the operation of its services will be permanent, secure, virus-free and infallible.

    The PLATFORM will have the right to interrupt access to its Services or its support service, without prior notification, to track down any fraudulent transactions and / or abuses that may occur on its system and correct them by taking all necessary measures in this respect. This includes possible interruptions to the system to ensure regular service maintenance of the service. The PLATFORM assumes no responsibility for any damage that the USERS may suffer due to such interruptions.

    The PLATFORM can not be held responsible for any prejudice or damage that may be suffered by USERS following the use of the SERVICES. The USER is solely responsible for any damage incurred by his computer system following the use of PLATFORM services.

    The PLATFORM declines any responsibility as for a possible dangerousness or defectiveness of the SERVICES proposed on the PLATFORM which could prove detrimental for the physical or mental health of the USER.

    The responsibility of the PLATFORM can not in any case be engaged because of damage, consecutive, direct or indirect, among which:

    • any loss or falsification of data,
    • any loss of profit (suffered directly or indirectly),
    • any loss of turnover,
    • any loss of reputation,
    • any loss of opportunity,
    • any indirect, incidental, incidental, or any other type of damage, regardless of whether the loss or damage is attributable to a change in the PLATFORM or the electronic wallet or due to a temporary or permanent interruption of the PLATFORM and regardless of whether it is due to negligence or any other cause.

    The liability of the PLATFORM vis-à-vis the VISITOR, whatever the circumstances, is limited, in any event, to the total amounts that the VISITOR has paid to the SUPPLIER through its Electronic Wallet during the transaction. contentious and not more than six months before the legal act giving rise to liability, all with a maximum of 150 €.

  3. Regarding the web service

    By purchasing SUPPLIES from SUPPLIERS, VISITORS accept the rule that all SUPPLIERS registered on the PLATFORM offer BENEFITS of their own free will.

    The USERS recognize that the PLATFORM can not be held responsible for any dispute between the VISITOR and the SUPPLIER. In order to avoid any abuse, the VISITOR has the right to report to the PLATFORM, by sending an internal message, any abuse or illegal act exercised by a SUPPLIER. The PLATFORM reserves the right to reimburse the VISITOR if the abuse is justified and to sanction the SUPPLIER if necessary by excluding the PLATFORM.

    The SUPPLIER also has the opportunity to report abuse or illegality by preventing the PLATFORM by sending an internal message. The PLATFORM will intervene as soon as possible to solve the problem. It also reserves the right to exclude a Visitor.

    Claims, litigation or abuse arising from these Terms of Use must be reported by internal message.

    SERVICES and transactions are not approved or validated by the PLATFORM.

Liability for third-party hyperlinks

Websites owned by third parties or controlled or operated wholly or partially by third parties may provide links to the PLATFORM based on an affiliate program. The PLATFORM is not aware of the sites in question or their content and can not therefore be held responsible in the event of a dispute in relation to one or more of these websites.

The site may include links to other websites. Insofar as the PLATFORM can not control these sites, it can not be held responsible for the availability of these sites. It can not accept any responsibility for the content, advertisements, products, services or any other material available on or from this site. In addition, the PLATFORM can not be held responsible for any damage or loss proven or alleged subsequent to or in connection with the use or the fact of having trusted the content, goods or services available on these sites.

Technical requirements

Access to the SERVICES may require certain technical requirements. If these are not completed, the USER may encounter difficulties in accessing the SERVICES. The PLATFORM can not be held responsible.

Obligations of the users

The USER must have the age of legal majority as defined in his country (18 or 21 years depending on the country or state). The USER must be a person with legal capacity and the power to enter into binding contracts.

The USERS undertake to respect Human Rights as understood by the international community and proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the conventions of the International Labor Organization.

The account of the USER is not transferable, in any form whatsoever.

To be able to register, the USER must choose an identifier and a password according to the requirements of the PLATFORM. The USER is personally responsible for the use he makes of his personal data. The USER must take all necessary security measures to protect his password.

The USER is solely responsible for the information he publishes on the PLATFORM. The said information as well as all the acts of the USER can not:

The USER undertakes not to use any device, software or routine to affect or attempt to affect the proper functioning of the PLATFORM. The USER further undertakes not to perform an act that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the infrastructure of the PLATFORM (likely to cause temporary or permanent unavailability), nor to denigrate the content.

The USER undertakes not to use the PLATFORM for unlawful purposes or for the purpose of causing damage to the reputation of the latter or of any other third party.

Are formally forbidden on the PLATFORM :

The General Conditions of Use take effect on the date on which the USER registered and accepted the General Conditions of Use (effective date).

USER registration is completely free.

To be able to register, the User must choose a User name and a password. The User is personally responsible for the use he makes of his username and password.

The User must take all necessary security measures to protect his password.

The Terms and Conditions of Use take effect on the date on which the user Registered himself and accepted the Terms of Use (effective date).

USERS can communicate content (video, audio, text, photo material) to certain places on the PLATFORM. USERS give the PLATFORM explicit permission to reproduce this content on the PLATFORM and make it public via the Internet, worldwide and without limitation, without being entitled to any financial or other compensation or consideration.

The USERS are entirely and solely responsible for this content and the consequences of its dissemination via the PLATFORM.

The USERS guarantee to have all the rights and / or authorizations necessary for the publication of their content on the PLATFORM as described above.

The USERS guarantee the PLATFORM against any complaint, claim or action of a third party or any control body in relation to their content.

The PLATFORM does not exercise prior control over the content. However, it reserves the right not to broadcast or delete any content that is unlawful or that it can reasonably be supposed to infringe the rights of third parties, without first notifying the USER who has transmitted this content.

Obligations of the visitor

The VISITOR must ensure himself that he has the capacity to purchase the service offered by the SUPPLIER under the law applicable in his country of origin or in his country of residence.

By purchasing SUPPLIES from SUPPLIERS, VISITORS undertake not to engage in any form of harassment or unlawful discrimination in any form whatsoever.

By visiting the PLATFORM, the VISITOR releases all liability to the PLATFORM for any prejudice or damage that may arise from its use, including content errors, inaccuracies, hackers, viruses or interruptions of access. He undertakes on his honor not to take any action against the PLATFORM or any other person involved in the PLATFORM.

The VISITOR, as part of the SERVICES, may use a pseudonym and an avatar but may not in any case exchange personal information with the SUPPLIER. The goal is to guarantee security and any abuse or malice between the two parties.

The VISITOR acknowledges that the PLATFORM represents only a host of content and that it is not bound by any obligation or link relating to the content submitted by the USERS on the PLATFORM. The VISITOR acknowledges that the PLATFORM does not produce or create the content that the VISITOR can access.

Obligation of the supplier

To ensure the protection of minors, any person requesting to use the PLATFORM as a SUPPLIER is required to submit identification documents demonstrating that the person is a consenting adult.

The SUPPLIER must provide the PLATFORM with banking and personal information. This is to be able to reward the SUPPLIER and to make sure he is no longer a minor.

Intellectual property and image rights

When using the PLATFORM, all elements and data (including text, images, logos, graphics, photos, audio or video films and updates) are presumed to be the exclusive property of the PLATFORM.

The names, logos and other signs used on the PLATFORM are trademarks and / or legally protected trade names. Any use of these or similar signs is strictly prohibited.

No link to the PLATFORM may be placed on a site managed and / or hosted by a third party without the prior agreement of the PLATFORM.

The USER will not be entitled to any rights in the downloaded content when using the PLATFORM.

The USER has the possibility to publish data (texts, images, videos, etc.), hereinafter called PUBLICATIONS, on the PLATFORM sites. All data of a private nature (identity or financial data) are absolutely not considered PUBLICATIONS made by the USER.

The USER is responsible for the PUBLICATIONS and assures to possess the intellectual and moral rights on the published contents. The USER authorizes the PLATFORM to use the published data as it sees fit on all the sites managed by the PLATFORM. The USER also accepts that the PLATFORM uses the PUBLICATIONS partially or totally for advertising purposes and other promotions on its sites but also on services managed by third companies. The PLATFORM commits to respect the FRAMEWORK and the limits defined by the USER via the interface of the PLATFORM.

The USER thus guarantees its ownership and assigns the rights of copy and publication (on texts and photos) and right to the image on all the PUBLICATIONS that the USER will have produced via the interfaces of the PLATFORM.

The services of the PLATFORM, as well as the PLATFORM itself, constitute as much a work protected by copyright as the databases on which the PLATFORM holds the copyrights and the rights of producer.

Copy, modification, translation, adaptation or arrangement, public communication, whether paid or unpaid, and in general any form of exploitation of the entire site or of any part thereof, in any form whatsoever , by any means whatsoever, is strictly prohibited. Any violation of these rights will lead to criminal and civil proceedings.


The personal data communicated by the USER to the PLATFORM will remain confidential and will never be disclosed.

The USER is personally responsible for the confidentiality of the identifiers corresponding to his personal account and must himself take all reasonable measures to maintain the confidentiality of his identifiers.

Backing up information when using the platform

When using the PLATFORM, information is collected in order to resolve any problem, litigation or for any useful purpose, in accordance with the legal provisions in force. This information will never be disclosed to a third party unless the PLATFORM is constrained by a decision of Justice.

The exchange of personal data and / or the making of real appointments (physical) are formally prohibited on the whole PLATFORM.


The PLATFORM undertakes to respond as soon as possible to any request relating to the use of its services and may be contacted by the USER by internal messaging via the interfaces proposed by the PLATFORM. For the sake of traceability and monitoring, only the internal messages are considered by the PLATFORM as a reliable means of contact.

Cookies and FlashPlayer plugin

The PLATFORM may use cookies for performance, security purposes but also for advertising purposes via its own services and services of third-party companies.

The PLATFORM uses the services of Google Adwords and Google Analytics that allow the PLATFORM to have statistical information about the visitor to improve its advertising campaigns and its natural ranking on the internet. The USER agrees by browsing the PLATFORM websites that Google may collect information about it and also accepts Google's terms of use regarding the analysis and collection of data via its services.

The PLATFORM also uses cookies to store a session identifier that allows the PLATFORM to give the USER access to his personal account on the PLATFORM sites. Without this cookie, the USER can not access his personal account and therefore accepts that the PLATFORM stores cookies for his technical needs on the browser of the USER.

By using the PLATFORM, the USER accepts Cookies and allows FlashPlayer to run on his browser. Otherwise, technical problems may occur on the display of data and services.

Point-to-point connections

In a very specific context where the communications must have a high level of security and encryption, the USER authorizes the PLATFORM to directly connect its own applications to the applications used by other USERS, without going through a server of the PLATFORM. Since the inter-user connection is then direct and encrypted between two USERS, the USER acknowledges that the quality of the connection and any technical consequences can not be attributed to the infrastructure of the PLATFORM.

Legal validity of the conditions of use

In the event that one or more of the terms of these conditions can not be applied in whole or in part, the validity of the other terms can not be questioned.

The English version of these terms and conditions prevails over all other versions.

Applicable right

This agreement is governed by the law of England. Any dispute relating to it is the responsibility of the courts of London.

Claims and refund of credits

The PLATFORM reserves the right to reimburse a VISITOR and this only in case of force majeure and on written request of said VISITOR, for reasons deemed valid by the PLATFORM, especially if it turns out that a SUPPLIER has not completed its obligations vis-à-vis the VISITOR. The account of the VISITOR in question will then be credited on the basis of the figures contained in the database of the PLATFORM.

If the VISITOR wishes to stop his relationship with the PLATFORM, he can do so immediately and free of charge by closing his account. The remaining credits are not exchangeable or refundable.

Non-compliance with the conditions of use

The PLATFORM has the right to immediately send a warning to the USER, to temporarily suspend the USER's account for an indefinite period, to close the USER's account, to refuse him the use of the PLATFORM when

In the event that the PLATFORM has sufficient presumptions that one or more provisions of these conditions are violated, the PLATFORM has the right to limit the access of the USER to the PLATFORM in whole or in part.

In the context of the fight against prostitution and the protection of minors. If any of these points were proven and proven, the PLATFORM will immediately terminate access to the site by the USER. The account of the USER will be immediately closed and his account banned from the system to prevent future re-registration.

No financial or moral compensation will be granted to the VISITOR. The remaining credits on the VISITOR's account will also be frozen and non-refundable. This money will be kept by the PLATFORM in compensation for the damage suffered (non-compliance with the conditions of use that may jeopardize the contracts established between the PLATFORM and its suppliers) and the management fees that the processing of the VISITOR's file will have caused.

No financial or moral compensation will be granted to the VISITOR. The remaining credits on the VISITOR's account will also be frozen and non-refundable. This money will be kept by the PLATFORM in compensation for the damage suffered (non-compliance with the conditions of use that may jeopardize the contracts established between the PLATFORM and its suppliers) and the management fees that the processing of the VISITOR's file will have caused.


The User acknowledges that the rights and obligations arising from these Terms of Use and all other documents that apply by reference, may be freely and automatically transferred by the PLATFORM in case of merger, division, redemption or any other form of restructuring.